Our Process

Every startup has their own unique needs. We work with you to define a plan that gets you ready to launch — whether that includes branding, packaging, website, creative assets, or all of the above.

Typically, most of our projects start with Brand Development. We have developed our process over almost a decade. It consists of two parts: Brand Focus and Brand System.

Phase 1. Brand Focus

This foundational phase lays the groundwork for any branding and design decisions moving forward.

Phase 2. Brand System

This is the ideation, design, and execute phase of the branding process.

Beyond Branding

For most clients, Condensed becomes a long-term design & marketing partner. We create engaging and effective websites, design standout packaging and collateral, and execute thoughtful branded content.

Packaging Design
Marketing Collateral
Content Creation

What We Don't Do

We are a branding & design firm, and we like to stay focused on what we do best. If you need PR, media production or anything else that we don't do in-house, we can connect you with our stellar partners and work seamlessly with them to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

Ready to bring your brand to life?